Nechifor's Panflute Shop

Besides being an accomplished panflute player, Nechifor is also channelling his passion into building this magical instrument. As a boy he liked wood carving, and as a student he was fascinated by the pan flute's perfection and elegance. He decided he wanted to learn how to make the flûte de Pan himself.

Nechifor learned about the pan flute's spirit from the greatest pan flute player, Gheorghe Zamfir, and about the pan flute's body from the greatest pan flute builder, Joeri Murk.

After learning the secrets of pan flute manufacturing, Nechifor built a workshop with his own hands, next to his home. Gheorghe Zamfir himself, the great pan flute master, Nechifor's mentor and former teacher, advised him during construction and attended the opening of the workshop. 

Nechifor's panpipes are made from selected tonkin bamboo, which is the best wood for pan flute tubes, the same material used 50 years ago for building Gheorghe Zamfir's flûte de Pan, the one he still uses today. The instruments are tuned using temperature-resistant bee wax, which is a more airtight than other methods of tuning.

Nechifor builds the entire family of pan flutes: the soprano, alto, tenor and bass. The instruments come with lifetime guarantee for manufacturing defects.

If you wish to buy a Romanian pan flute that is not a cheap souvenir, but a superb musical instrument which will last a lifetime, and will help you develop your pan flute hobby, passion or career, contact Radu Nechifor personally at, or on the phone at +40766263435.